English 11 builds on student literacy and language arts skills to promote effective writing, critical thinking, and analysis of literature. The course material walks students through American history through literary pieces, including short works of fiction and nonfiction, poems, novels, and plays written by a variety of authors providing varying topics and perspectives. This course expands upon proficiencies in the fundamentals of reading and writing with an emphasis on comprehension and mastery of syntax, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and usage in written communication, along with word analysis and systematic vocabulary development. Students will write informative, narrative, argumentative, and other expository texts appropriate to audience, task, and purpose, and demonstrate command of the English language. Students will also examine the influence of historical and cultural contexts.


The online English course allows the learner to build on critical reading skills, a crucial aspect in the high schooler's education. Providing the student with a variety of genres that build on prior knowledge and develop on their inquiry towards literature and the world around them. 

Tracy Washington - Language Arts Teacher, Method Schools