English 9 provides students with the language skills needed to prepare them for college and career readiness and helps students refine the skills necessary for the development of academic literacy. These skills are developed through the active reading of literary and informational texts, academic language development of text-embedded vocabulary, oral language practice, and writing of informational, argumentative, synthetic, and narrative pieces. Students practice critical thinking, comprehension, and application skills through thematic units centered on topics, such as plot and conflict, themes and symbols, argument and persuasion, and drama. This course expands upon proficiencies in the fundamentals of reading and writing with a focus on comprehension and mastery of syntax and grammar.


This virtual course builds on the foundational skills of how to analyze a text for its purpose and main idea. It introduces narrative essay writing while teaching grammatical writing skills. It gives the student the basics of literary devices to build upon in their next course. I feel it helps the learner understand how to read for a purpose to get them on a great start towards effective writing! 

Kim Nellum - Language Arts Teacher, Method Schools