Entrepreneurship is an interdisciplinary course designed to teach students how to think and act entrepreneurially. Students learn how to start-up and operate a business while in school, thus turning their learning into earning. The course will build on cross-curricular academic skills, by integrating inquiry-based learning and business tools that will enable students to analyze, create, develop and pilot small businesses in a safe campus environment. Those who manage and operate a small business will bring their products directly to the consumer via the local marketplace or present venture to potential investors for financing. Concepts and skills are reinforced by a strong emphasis on hands-on experiences. Applications to society, individuals, and the utilization of technology are included. The context of this course is in conjunction with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, (NFTE).

In this course, students are exposed to methodologies and practices that allow for the development of personal perspectives about starting a company now or in the future. Students will get the chance to explore basic concepts in entrepreneurship, different types of business ownership, and risk management basics; all while gaining first-hand knowledge of the field for their own personal endeavors.

Nicole Long - Student Success Manager, Method Schools