This course is the second in a three-course Career Technical Education Pathway that enables students to become productive, responsible individuals through supervised, paid employment experiences. GWEE is an instructional course where students will acquire general and specific occupational and employability skills through a combination of supervised paid employment in any occupational field along with classroom-related instruction. Due to the changing nature of work in our society, students must develop appropriate work habits and attitudes that may be transferred to a variety of employment situations. Real-world experiences through hands-on applications at the worksite are strengthened through the student’s daily related class.  The student’s general educational background is enhanced as it relates to the student’s employment.  This also teaches the student the role of worker and citizen.   The student must pass both classroom and employer evaluations to receive credit.  Students are responsible for transportation to their worksite.

The students of today need the skills of tomorrow and the Work Experience Career Technical Education Pathway by Smartfox gives our students the opportunity to explore post-secondary career options.

Sarah Delawder, Director of Curriculum, Method Schools