This final honors course aims to broaden and stretch already competent readers and writers to attain higher standards of writing and gain a deeper appreciation of the written and spoken word.

It is designed to give you the opportunity to track the development of literary movements and developments over time, in a variety of literary forms. The course is populated with work from predominantly British writers which explore a wide range of themes and styles. You will be required to interact with complex texts and analyze their importance and relevance both in their time and now. Being an Honors course, the expected reading load is higher than a regular class. The writing assignments are frequent and require both independent research and an intense focus on drafting and editing to improve the final product. You are expected to master the argumentative and narrative essay by the end of the course and demonstrate excellence in literary response and analysis. Language use and conventions are interwoven into the writing process and feedback from the instructor will focus on the individual needs of the students. You will be expected to implement a satisfactory note-taking system and maintain a vocabulary and quote bank. 

The SmartFox Algebra 1 is designed to have a seamless, clear course flow while being rigorous enough for UC a-g approval. Our students love this course, and it's changed how they view algebra, and math in general!

Jade Fernandez - Head of Schools, Method Schools