This Honors English course focuses on an in-depth analysis of all forms of literature and uses said literature as a model and source for developing students own writing skills. The course weaves the four skills of English (reading, writing, listening and speaking) together in each unit by explicitly and implicitly presenting information, practice and production assignments. The course objectives and content are aligned with Common Core Standards but aim to prepare you for Advanced Placement English in 10th or 11th grade. The course makes connections between literary genres and how we write and the function and beauty of language. You are exposed to a variety of literary and informational texts in order to construct coherent writing pieces that help to develop their own position and perspective on a variety of topics. Vocabulary is emphasized and enhanced in the context of the literature they are studying. You will engage in the writing process and learn how to draft, revise, edit and complete both long and short essays and research papers.  Each unit will contain a set of essential assignments as well as specifically tailored assignments that focus on the learning objective of the unit.


This advanced course digs deeper into the analysis of classical literature to allow the learner to think critically to synthesize all information to grow from reader to advanced writer. This course is a great and challenging way for each student to connect the power of figurative language. 

Kim Nellum - Language Arts Teacher, Method Schools