Geometry (Honors) builds on concepts learned in Algebra 1 and develops an in-depth understanding of Geometric concepts, theorems and postulates through the use of proofs and the application of trigonometry. Coursework emphasizes proofs and application of skills learned in Algebra 1 (Honors) as preparation for advanced math courses through Precalculus. Students apply algebraic principles and formulate proofs utilizing the following concepts: parallel and perpendicular lines, the coordinate plane, triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, circles, congruence and similarity, surface area, volume, and transformations.

The SmartFox Algebra 1 is designed to have a seamless, clear course flow while being rigorous enough for UC a-g approval. Our students love this course, and it's changed how they view algebra, and math in general!

Jade Fernandez - Head of Schools, Method Schools