Integrated Math 3 is the third course of a three-course sequence. This course utilizes a problem ­centered approach and includes content standards from Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 and Statistics at an intermediate to advanced level including coordinate geometry, circles and other conic sections, binomial distributions, permutations and combinations, exponential and logarithmic functions, rates of change, derivatives, trigonometry, and quadratics. The course requires that students further develop the logic needed for abstract problem solving and emphasizes the common core standards through examining polynomial functions, exponents and logs, trigonometric functions (equations and applications) triangle trigonometry (law of sine and cosine) trigonometric addition formulas, and solving trigonometric equations.

The SmartFox Algebra 1 is designed to have a seamless, clear course flow while being rigorous enough for UC a-g approval. Our students love this course, and it's changed how they view algebra, and math in general!

Jade Fernandez - Head of Schools, Method Schools