This two-semester UC-approved survey course  takes a student through the exploration of fine art, art history, design and mural making fundamentals. Covering topics ranging from the basics in color theory: contrasting colors, color meaning and power, values, color pallets, branding, students will practice hand skills: drawing, brush and can control fundamentals combined with composition: scale, grid systems, balance, tension as well as design: communication hierarchies, client expectations, peer reviews, mood boards and refinements. The sessions will include written, spoken, recorded and painted solutions to problems, resulting in a multi-media portfolio with the main focus on their final works of art on canvas.


Our students need 21st century skills to be successful in today's society.  The ability to design and create a mural for a client is a marketable skill that benefits both our students and the business community!

Sarah Delawder - Director of Curriculum, Method Schools