Spanish 3 provides a greater emphasis on the Spanish language, grammar, and culture. The primary purpose of the course is to prepare students to be college-ready, well-rounded global citizens who can communicate effectively in Spanish and are aware of the cultural influences of the Spanish and Latino heritage at home and abroad.  Students in this course build on their Spanish knowledge by learning more complex grammatical structures and become equipped to read and understand a variety of literary selections and gain necessary skills to interact verbally and in writing with Spanish speakers in varied social and business situations.  As part of the course, students will be afforded opportunities to read, write, hear, and speak Spanish while they work towards becoming linguistically and culturally literate.

In this Spanish 3 course, students build upon target language skills and gain listening and speaking skills through the use of online activities, audio, and video resources. This includes conversational development in familiar topics and stories, major holidays and cultural celebrations, as well as understanding and responding to commands and questions.

Natally Rodriguez - World Languages Teacher, Method Schools