This is the second course in a three-course series which builds on existing knowledge of art-making skills and design concepts complemented by art history, theory, appreciation, and criticism. Students will improve their techniques in the mediums that they have previously explored and will be introduced to a new set of materials. Disciplines in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional art; such as drawing (from observation, memory, and imagination), painting, printmaking, collage, sculpture, and ceramics will be the focus of this class. Students will study one or two main artists in every unit. These artists biographies and contributions to the art world will be highlighted. Along with the main exemplars students will be presented with several other artists to show a variety in the interpretation of the unit's concepts, skills, and techniques.


The arts offers students the opportunity to explore another side of themselves and the Visual Arts and Communication Pathway makes that exploration practical as it provides career support for students' post-secondary plans.

Sarah Delawder, Director of Curriculum, Method Schools