Built by practitioners for their own students. Our DNA is mobile, which increases reach, keeps it fast and simple, and breaks down the K-12 digital divide.


Fully Responsive Design

Lead students on any device—without interruptions.

Give learners fast-loading, stimulating educational content on any device. Students learn and teachers lead without frustrations or holdups.

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Integrated SIS + LMS

Learning data flows into a single information hub.

Access more student information, collect in-depth analytics, and send reports with ease.

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Customizable Coursework You Trust

Empower your leaders with curriculum you can rely on.

Coursework is approved by UC-ag regulators, fully customizable, and designed for smoother accreditation.

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Easy Enrollment & Marketing

Our system integrates seamlessly with your marketing and enrollment programs.

Simpler enrollment and marketing mean you reach more students, spend less time recruiting, and have more time to inspire learning.

Built by Educators, for Educators

We designed our platform to make life easier for K-12 education leaders. Here’s who our online learning system is made for:

Ambitious Administrators
With SmartFox, K-12 leaders generate reports easily, uncover deeper performance data, and spend less time dealing with frustrated faculty.
Driven Counselors
Counselors gain graduation planners, simple enrollment tools, and easy access to information they need to chart a clear path to graduation.
Online Teachers
SmartFox K-12 is customizable and modular for students and teachers, making learning relevant and teaching empowering.

We're Here for Education Leaders

Our platform is built by educators, for educators. We understand the time and effort that goes into changing lives for the better. That’s why we’ve built a product that relieves stress for K-12 school pros. If your role is easier and students are learning, we’ve done our job.

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"As someone who has worked with online curriculums that have shown themselves to be limiting and difficult, Smarfox compliments the educator by being easy to use and respecting the teacher's wishes when it comes to the online classroom experience. Smartfox is able to improve its platform based on teacher and student needs, and this adaptability showcases how this curriculum is more than just a place for learning; it's an invaluable academic experience. As it consistently evolves while maintaining its user-friendly and simplistic approach, Smartfox is the best tool for building what an online curriculum and online learning should be."
Kim Mukuriah
Student Success Manager
Method Schools
Kim Mukuriah

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