What is K-12 Online Learning?

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K-12 online learning lets students learn, complete K-12 coursework, and qualify for higher education opportunities from anywhere. Your leaders can teach students within the digital environments they’re used to and bypass the constraints of a physical classroom. With K-12 online learning platforms, you can:

  • Adopt and customize online curriculum
  • Promote more personalized learning outcomes
  • Monitor student and teacher progress
  • Gain easy access to advanced reporting and enrollment figures
  • Gather students’ information and prepare them for college from anywhere

Why Use a “One-Stop Shop” Online Learning Platform?

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Get Full Access to the Info You Need

Traditionally, online learning meant managing your student information system (SIS) on one platform, monitoring progress in another, and running your learning management system (LMS) in yet another. Too often, that led to frustrations for faculty, headaches for administrators, chaotic processes for counselors, and exhaustion for IT pros.


Who has time for that?

With SmartFox K12, learning, reporting, and enrollment all feed seamlessly into one system. That means you can spend less time tracking down info and more time improving students’ lives. 

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How Does SmartFox K12 Look in Action?

Features Driving Better Learning Outcomes

better learning outcomesSmartFox K12 has become the online information hub for the K-12 education industry. With SmartFox K12’s online learning platform, you can:

  • Give teachers Smart Sessions that feature engaging, adaptive course content
  • Use coursework rooted in QM, NCAA, and UC standards
  • Use dashboards to monitor real-time student progress and unofficial transcripts
  • Quickly download and share online cumulative files
  • Gain full access to California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) reporting suite
  • Unlock fully integrated Zoom and Qualtrics capabilities within courses
  • Run online bullying reports for safer students and better compliance

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