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SmartFox is perfect for administrators who want to give talented faculty and counselors the resources to reach students the way they do best. With Zoom and Qualtrics integrations, an intuitive LMS, and built-in analytics, your educators have the tools they need to fulfill your school’s mission.


Responsible Administrators

Better Reporting for Trustworthy Schools
Want to push your school forward? SmartFox is built for you. The platform is designed for more measurement, clearer analytics, and easier reporting. That’s the recipe for ongoing growth and eye-catching learning outcomes. It also means your school has a better chance of securing and keeping accreditation.

Our Curriculum Accreditation


Driven Counselors

Graduation Prep Made Easy
With easy access to transcripts, advanced graduation planners, and UC-approved coursework, counselors spend less time organizing info and more time setting students up for success.

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Busy IT Pros

Seamless Integration, Less Stressful Work
Other online learning systems can be a nightmare for IT pros. That’s why we built an IT-friendly platform. SmartFox uses an SIS+LMS design, is fully responsive, and integrates with popular teaching modules. That means IT pros spend less time patching together piecemeal solutions or dealing with frustrated faculty. Want to see how SmartFox can serve your school?

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