Report, Measure and Succeed

pricing-key-feature-1-iconTap Into an Information Hub

Education pros shouldn’t have to waste time plugging in figures or searching for student information. With SmartFox’s built-in analytics and a SIS + LMS design, you have the info you need at your fingertips. That means it’s simpler to download reports, your teachers have the insights they need to improve learning outcomes, and the whole team has more time to lead.

Access Curriculum That Performs

pricing-key-feature-5-iconUse Curriculum You Can Trust

In the world of online education, student engagement and performance hinges on the curriculum you offer. And it plays a big role in your school’s reputation and accreditation status. SmartFox’s curriculum is engaging, customizable, and used by accredited online schools. Plus, coursework is approved by the University of California system, and we’ve helped schools offer fully NCAA-approved classes.

Cut Out Tech Frustrations


Give Your IT Team a Break

SmartFox’s platform makes for a less stressful IT workday. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It is responsive. With a fully responsive design, students and leaders can access content on any tablet or mobile device.
  • It integrates SIS and LMS. Because the platform connects a school’s student information system and learning management system, fewer teachers and administrators are left requesting access to info or frustrated by hidden data.
  • It features intuitive tools. Students get easy-to-use dashboards, admins have simple report downloads, and teachers can use software like Zoom or Qualtrics to teach. That all means fewer help tickets, more time to address important technical questions, and a happier team.

Reach More Students

who-we-serve-Icon-3Take Marketing & Enrollment to a New Level

Educational leaders are busy changing the world. Who has time for complicated marketing and enrollment processes? SmartFox integrates seamlessly with marketing and enrollment software, so you can connect with and serve more students.

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